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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 9, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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firefighters in southern california work to contain a rapidly spreading wildfire that's destroyed dozens of homes and forced hundreds of evacuations. the search intensifies for a man suspected of killing two people and kidnapping a teenage girl in california. why investigators are worried he may be armed with explosives. and a minnesota man is an instant millionaire. the holder of one of three jackpot-winning powerball tickets comes forward to claim his prize and to get the last laugh. >> i'm not going to be one of those people that says i'm going to keep working because i'm not working for anybody else anymore. captioning funded by cbs else anymore. this is the "s morn this is the "cbs morning
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news" for friday, august 9th, 2013. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm alexis christoforous. this morning firefighters in southern california are battling a huge wildfire that's spreading so fast they can't keep up with it. the so-called silver fire has already destroyed at least 26 homes. 500 others are threatened. the fire is burning through a mountain range 90 miles east of los angeles. six people have been injured. one fire official called it the most dangerous fire he's seen in half a century. evacuation orders have been issued for five towns. bigad shaban is near the fire line in snow creek. bigad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alexis. good to be with you. we're certainly beginning to feel the winds begin to pick up based on the weather conditions. investigators estimate at least 500 homes are in danger. it went to roughly 5,000 in about three hours. this morning the fire has spread to 14,000 acres.
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a wildfire in southern california's san jacinto mountain range lit up the sky last night as firefighters struggled to get it under control. >> this fire burning not under santa ana conditions but burning under the west wind has been one of the most quickly spreading, ramdly spreading dangerous fires that i have ever seen. >> reporter: this man joined the firefighters on the front line with his own garden hose after the fires roared through his neighborhood. >> i'm afraid the fire's going to come down and hit my house again. >> reporter: five acres have burned but so far he's been able to protect his home and horses where he's been living for close to 40 years. >> i'm so close to retirement. it would be a sad thing to loose my house and start all over again. >> reporter: his home is still in danger. the area's dry vegetation helped fuel the flames ever since the fire started on wednesday and steady winds are what allowed to flames to spread so quickly. despite the best efforts of
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1,400 firefighters on the ground and helicopters and tankers in the air, the flames have destroyed more than two dozen homes and forced nearly 2,000 people to evacuate. and fire officials, alexis, still have no idea how the wildfire started. >> well, bigad, we can certainly see it's pretty windy where you are, but what about the air quality? is there smoke and ash in the air? >> reporter: yeah. well, certainly when the sun comes up, just like we saw yesterday, alexis, you'll begin to see that smoke actually clouds much of the horizon with many of the residents already beginning to complain about breathing problems. >> all right. bigad shaban in snow creek, california. thanks. in the south the issue is deadly flooding and more heavy rain is forecast into the weekend. central tennessee was hit hard. it's reported that at least 100 homes and businesses in the nashville area were damaged by floodwaters.
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>> here we are, we don't have nothing. a lot of people lost everything, cars, their houses, everything. it's just -- it's like don't nobody care. >> in missouri a record 15 inches of rain fell over two days. the search continues for one woman whose car was swept away. the body of her 4-year-old son was found tuesday. cbs news weather consultant david bernard is following the wet weather. >> well, it seems like the storms across the midwest have been relentless for the past several days causing all kinds of flooding problems. in fact, it looks like today we're going to continue with numerous flooding advisories for kansas, northeast oklahoma, southwest and southeast missouri and extends into arkansas and even western portions of tennessee will be under these flood watches and in some cases flood warnings. now, during the day today, it looks like more rounds of thunderstorms will be possible across the midwest, specifically across kansas and oklahoma. it looks like missouri and
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arkansas could get in on this action as well. one thing it's doing, it's keeping the temperatures down. highs are mostly going to be in the 80s and lows in the 70s as far west as dodge city and even thunderstorms near denver with high temperatures around 79 degrees. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. overseas now, this morning the state department ordered all nonessential employees to evacuate the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan. the government took the action following a credible threat specific to the consulate, but the evacuation was not connected to the closing of 19 diplomatic outposts earlier this week. the state department also warned all u.s. sit extends not to travel to pakistan. in battling terrorist groups the u.s. has dramatically stepped up its drone attacks, particularly in yemen. at least 12 suspected al qaeda members were killed in three attacks yesterday. bob orr reports. >> this surge in drone strikes is clearly aimed at disrupting any attack plans of al qaeda in
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the arabian peninsula. they're sending a clear psychological message here. the drones are on constant patrol, looking for targets. now, it's interesting to note there have only been 12 drone strikes in yemen all year up to july 27th, but when u.s. intelligence late last month heard them plotting imminent takes, well, everything changed. we've now seen five drone attacks in the last four days. all those hit have been riding in small groups inside vehicles. sources say most of those killed have been terrorist foot soldiers, but most have been described as mid-level aqap. even elimination of rank-and-file operatives does have some value. it reduces the group's manpower and more importantly forces the other terrorists to keep an eye on the skies. if they're focused on trying to
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survive, important sources say, the terrorists cannot effectively plot. bob orr, cbs news, washington. the manhunt continues for kidnapping suspect, james lee dimaggio covering four western states as well as parts of canada and mexico. dimaggio is accused of abducting 16-year-old hannah anderson, who police say he is infatuated with. police believe he set fire to her house with her mother and her son. now police believe he took his car and rigged it with explosives. >> working under one of the theories that he's abandoned his car, there's a possibility he could have rigged it. so we really want to put this warning out to the public as well as law enforcement officers. if you see the car, do not approach it. >> the children's father says he's a friend and can't understand what happened. coming up on the "cbs morning news," never-before-seen pictures of the massive tornado in oklahoma. but first, rich at last. a minnesota man has big plans
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now that he has one of three winning tickets in wednesday's powerball jackpot. has one of the winning tickets in wednesday's powerball jackpot.
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we know who bought two of the winning tickets in this we know who bought two of the winning tickets in this week's $468 million power ball. james rivers will share in one third and another goes to man in minnesota. as vinita nair reports, that newly minted millionaire says that big win wasn't a big surprise. >> $149.4 million. >> reporter: paul white is rolling in the green. he claimed his third of the powerball jackpot and he said he always thought this day would come. >> so i feel like it's almost been coming, i really do. >> reporter: the 45-year-old from ham lake, minnesota, says his lottery believe often made him the source of red cool with his family and friends.
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>> they thought it was funny then. who's right now. >> reporter: white drew one of three winning tickets from wednesday's $448 million jackpot. white's not sure what he'll do with all that money but one thing is certain. >> i'm not going to be one of those people that says i'm going to keep working because i'm not working for anybody else anymore. >> reporter: and the electrical contractor has plans for his boss who sat with him. >> ron, this morning started my boss. he's going to end the day as my chauffeur. >> reporter: after taxes, he'll both a little over $58 million. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. and on the "cbs moneywatch," the nation's employment picture is brighter, but dim prospects for the back-to-school shopping season. ashley morrison is in no, with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, alexis. asia's stocks were higher. hong kong's hang seng was up a fraction while tokyo's nikkei
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was up 9 points. the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits hit a six-year low. over 600,000 applications were processed in the last four weeks, but more than 4 million americans remain unemployed. and while most americans have stopped cutting jobs, many are reluctant to hire. stocks climbed out of a three-day slump. the dow jones industrial average ended 27 points higher on thursday while the nasdaq was up 15 points. shares of groupon, the troubled online deals company have soared. groupon's hosted stronger than expected revenue for the second quarter. the stock rose over 21%. company co-founder eric lefkofsky, who is also the company's large's shareholder was named permanent ceo. and the back-to-school shopping season has gotten off to a low start. it runs from mid-july to mid-september.
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the international council of shopping centers says retail revenue rose 3.8% last month. that's the slowest pace since march and it may be due to consumers worried about their finances and waiting for some better deals, and hopefully those better deals will come. >> i hope so. i always did my back-to-school shopping. >> you're always on it. >> if the deals come, i missed them. ashley morrison in new york. thanks so much. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and an ohio newspaper carrier not only delivers the news. he makes news. delivers the news. he makes news. 12 grams of protein in every 5.3 oz cup. sink your teeth into that. dannon oikos. the new protein. ♪ dannon
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, showers and 82. miami, thunderstorms and 89. chicago mostly sunny and 80. dallas, sunny, 103. los angeles, partly sunny, and 78 degrees. and now for a check of today's national forecast. it's another day of showers and thunderstorms from kansas to the ohio valley. the southeast will see showers and storms. the same goes for the northeast coast. isolated showers are possible along the west coast. this morning we're getting a rare realtime view of the tornado that swept through moore, oklahoma, in may. the video shows the approaching funnel cloud and debris tossed violently around. it was recorded by church surveillance cameras just recovered from a broken dvr. that tornado killed 25 people. a florida man accused of killing his wife made it easy for police. he apparently posted a picture of her body on facebook.
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on thursday he was charged with first-degree murder. gaby fleischman of our miami station wfor reports. >> reporter: this picture shows a smiling medina family out for a pool day. less than 12 hours later, 31-year-old eric medina posted another picture on his facebook page, an image of his wife jennifer alfonso lying dead on their kitchen floor. >> i can't fathom that. >> reporter: investigators swarmed his home after they say he walked into the police department thursday afternoon and confessed to shooting his wife to death during a domestic dispute. their 10-year-old daughter was at home at the time but wasn't hurt. >> the little girl was crying. >> reporter: police say before medina turned himself in he posted a picture of the murdered mother along with this, quote, i'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. take care, people, my wife is punching me and i'm not going to take the abuse anymore.
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so i did what i did. i hope you understand me. in this youtube video, medina doesn't seem so defenseless. neighbors say they didn't know medina well but describe him as an odd and sketchy person saying he took it upon himself to protect the neighborhood. >> when i first met him, you know, i saw this guy, he's looking at me. i mean he was walking -- he walks around with a concealed gun, and he try to be like the neighborhood watch guy. he's always there late at night. and this was always weird to me. he was always kind of looking around and trying to be a hero. >> that's gaby fleischman of our miami station wfor. facebook removed the picture and disabled medina's page. 11 people in ohio are safe thanks to their quick-thinking newspaper carrier. ben carroll was delivering the columbus dispatch on his bicycle on thursday when he smelled smoke. then he saw flames on the side of a two-family home. >> that's when i looked in and saw these kids and it kind of
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hit home real bad. i had no choice but to bang, hey, your house is on fire, your house is on fire. >> five adults and six children escaped. carroll says he isn't a hero. he was just in the right place at the right time. investigators described the fire as suspicious. coming up in sports, who's sitting atop the leaderboard at the pga championship. and he's a big deal on the basketball court, but in a court of law, the nba's mvp is just like everyone else. the story when we return. ines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, showers and 88. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms, 86. st. louis, showers and 84. denver, afternoon rain, 75. seattle, sunny and 82. in sports, golf's last major tournament of the year resumes this morning with two players tied for the lead. adam scott and jim furyk begin the second round of the pga
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championship atop the leaderboard. tiger woods struggled in the first round at oak hill. he double bogeyed on the fill hill to finish at 1 over 71. one tiger who sunlt slumping is detroit pitcher max scherzer. the tigers' ace improved. completing a four-game sweep of the indians. the l.a. dodgers continue their red-hot play on the road. a.j. ellis smacked a three-run homer helping the dodgers to a 5-1 win over st. louis. l.a. hoss won 17 of their last 18 games at home. the baltimore ravens were back on the field for the first time since winning the super bowl. baltimore opened their preseason schedule against the bucs in reiny tampa. the ravens got a 7-6 lead. the defending champs don't look back from there. they win, 44-16. and the super bowl runners-up were also back in action.
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the san francisco 49ers hosting the denver broncos, before star quarterbacks collin kaepernick and peyton manning played just one series. the only touchdown comes when niners' running back d.j. harper coughs up the ball and phillips returns with a score. the broncos win, 10-6. finally, just because you earn the tens of millions of dollar as year and you are the face of the nba doesn't mean you can escape jury duty. lebron james got his notice in the mail and showed up at court in his hometown of akron, ohio, thursday. before he left, the miami heat star posted this photo on instagram. jury duty time. time to serve my civic duty. he never got the chance. james and the rest of the jury pool were sent home after about an hour because two potential trials didn't take place. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," tv's famed "loveboat" sails off into the sun set and hank azaria.
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it's alexis christoforous. this is the "cbs morning news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4 minute before 5:00 on this friday morning. it is another steamy start to this day after last night's storms. tim is many for marty -- in for marty at first warning weather. >> the humidity, dew point is up. we have showers up in the west portion of the state from frederick on out to cumberland. in the middle of the state really not too much going on in the metro area. could see storms fire up later this morning and in the early afternoon. right now temperature is 76, dew point 73. you might run into fog. 75 on the shore and 66 in oakland. our high going up into the mid 80s. look for sunshine through the afternoon and a chance of a thunderstorm, again like yesterday, in the late afternoon. we'll have your
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complete first warning weather forecast coming up. in the news this morning, a final farewell to art donovan today. the latest on the funeral arrangements and his legacy in charm city and beyond. a baltimore county woman takes the stand to tell the jury why she hired a hit man to kill her husband. a big start to the preseason for the ravens down in florida. we will have highlights. more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of this week's end in a couple of minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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